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  • What are the details that need to be paid attention to in city square lighting design?


    What is called a plaza lighting project? Square lighting project is the use of lighting effects to meet the tourists, pedestrians lighting regulations and has the effect of beautifying the urban landscape, in the square or its surrounding general layout with important characteristics of the building, usually can focus on the main performance of the city's plastic art appearance and characteristics. Square is the core area of the city road, is the city we carry out politics and metallurgy, economic development, culture and art and other social practice activities or transportation theme activities of the indoor space, is generally people's distribution center site, the total number of squares in the city is very little, occupy the total area is not big, but its influence and efficacy is very important, is the city overall planning reasonable layout of the focus, the next light臣 lighting with everyone to read! Details to note in the design of the square lighting project.

  • Where do you routinely put the led wall wash lights?


    With the development of outdoor lighting, led wall washer lamp products are especially widely used in lighting project. led wall washer lamp light color change effect is rich, the light brightness is high, more importantly, its waterproof effect is good, but also has energy saving, environmental protection and power saving, light source life of up to 30000 hours above the excellent characteristics. Thus ensuring the priority use of led wall washer lights in outdoor lighting projects. Such a good product, then led wall washer lights installed in what place? Next weidel lighting tell you where led wall washer lamps are routinely placed, led wall washer lamps are used to outline large buildings, with energy saving and environmental protection, high light efficiency, colorful, long life, etc., in every corner of the city are very common, led wall washer lamps irradiation distance of 1-10 meters high, it is routinely placed on the municipal light


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