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  • What are the factors related to the life span of led line light?


    The led line light is led wall washer series aluminum profile light body, compact and lightweight end caps and mounting brackets are made of aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting high temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring to ensure the reliability of waterproof. The lights can be installed single or multiple combinations. They are suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor partial or contour lighting. When it is raining or snowing and when the light is off for a rest, the temperature in led lamp body will drop rapidly, and the rapid drop of temperature will lead to pressure or even a bigger vacuum inside the lamp shell in an instant. At this time, air or moisture will sneak into the lamp body through the sealing gap and condense into water droplets, once the sealed lamp body produces water droplets, it is not easy to be discharged. Once the water droplet is produced in the sealed lamp body, it is not easy to be discharged. The water droplet that can not be dis

  • What are the details that need to be paid attention to in city square lighting design?


    What is called a plaza lighting project? Square lighting project is the use of lighting effects to meet the tourists, pedestrians lighting regulations and has the effect of beautifying the urban landscape, in the square or its surrounding general layout with important characteristics of the building, usually can focus on the main performance of the city's plastic art appearance and characteristics. Square is the core area of the city road, is the city we carry out politics and metallurgy, economic development, culture and art and other social practice activities or transportation theme activities of the indoor space, is generally people's distribution center site, the total number of squares in the city is very little, occupy the total area is not big, but its influence and efficacy is very important, is the city overall planning reasonable layout of the focus, the next light臣 lighting with everyone to read! Details to note in the design of the square lighting project.

  • How can commercial building lighting effects be designed to be more aesthetically pleasing?


    With the demands and trends of urban development, contemporary commercial complex buildings are increasing. The commercial buildings are the central business areas of modern cities. It contains shopping plazas, commercial centers, office buildings, hotels and restaurants and other commercial service buildings. So how do we design a commercial building lighting effect? Commercial building lighting design is by no means the brighter the better, the more flower is better, its lighting design plan should be comprehensive and careful, all aspects of consideration. According to the effective lighting design scheme and lighting building construction, so that after nighttime commercial buildings to excel in the night scene, to create a beautiful and attractive, distinctive outdoor doorway lighting. Commercial building lighting characteristics are very obvious, the key is reflected in: the role of diversification, system; well-located, the scale of relativity is large; traffic flow type complex

  • What is the daily maintenance of outdoor LED wall wash lights?


    Along with the development trend of lighting project, the traditional light source of lamps and lanterns has long been unable to satisfy people's demand for lighting, now LED wall washer lamps more and more loved by the city lighting, in addition to the design of the lamps and lanterns, to achieve the requirements of the lighting effect, after the actual installation of light show also received everyone's favorite. However, in the process of using the site, LED wall washer lights also need to do the usual daily maintenance. Because this affects its service life. What do we need to do routine maintenance? Outdoor led wall washer lamp maintenance and repair 1, step one is the high-power led wall washer lamp switch power off. This is a step that must be done to carry out the maintenance of lighting fixtures. This can ensure that the whole process of maintenance is certainly safe, not conductive. And is not easy to cause harm to the power supply circuit of the lamp

  • Where do you routinely put the led wall wash lights?


    With the development of outdoor lighting, led wall washer lamp products are especially widely used in lighting project. led wall washer lamp light color change effect is rich, the light brightness is high, more importantly, its waterproof effect is good, but also has energy saving, environmental protection and power saving, light source life of up to 30000 hours above the excellent characteristics. Thus ensuring the priority use of led wall washer lights in outdoor lighting projects. Such a good product, then led wall washer lights installed in what place? Next weidel lighting tell you where led wall washer lamps are routinely placed, led wall washer lamps are used to outline large buildings, with energy saving and environmental protection, high light efficiency, colorful, long life, etc., in every corner of the city are very common, led wall washer lamps irradiation distance of 1-10 meters high, it is routinely placed on the municipal light

  • What will teach you how to create a good building lighting project?


    Building lighting project as part of the outdoor city night lighting, not only to add color to the city night, but also to improve its own brand image, to do their own propaganda planning, reflecting culture and art, enhance the actual effect of fame, and even let the building into a representative of the city building. Building lighting design and other lighting design scheme is not the same, in the building lighting design before, to first understand the purpose of their own building, such as building design style, structural characteristics, building facade building decoration materials, the natural environment around the building, etc.. Also need to be based on different application groups and different functions to design, lighting design can not be a simple design, need to be combined with the surrounding landscape or human construction, highlighting its application function or decorative design appreciation, applicable Fan!


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