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What are the factors related to the life span of led line light?

The led line light is led wall washer series aluminum profile light body, compact and lightweight end caps and mounting brackets are made of aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting high temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring to ensure the reliability of waterproof. The lights can be installed single or multiple combinations. They are suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor partial or contour lighting.

When it is raining or snowing and when the light is off for a rest, the temperature in led lamp body will drop rapidly, and the rapid drop of temperature will lead to pressure or even a bigger vacuum inside the lamp shell in an instant. At this time, air or moisture will sneak into the lamp body through the sealing gap and condense into water droplets, once the sealed lamp body produces water droplets, it is not easy to be discharged. Once the water droplet is produced in the sealed lamp body, it is not easy to be discharged. The water droplet that can not be discharged for a long time will corrode the electronic components in the lamp body and seriously affect the life of led lamp.

If you don't need to consider the failure of driver and power supply, one of the performance of the life of high power led lamp is: "light decay", which means, the longer you use it, the lower the brightness will be, until the life is exhausted and the lamp goes out.

The led line light usually adopts aluminum as radiator, the larger the contact area between radiator and air, the better, so it is good for heat dissipation, the whole light work stably, the light decay is small and the life is long; The bulb and the ceiling spotlight should not have too big ventilation hole, so as to avoid mosquitoes crawling in during the process of using, which will affect the lighting effect or cause unnecessary damage.

Irrigation problem, the silicone below the glass surface should be thicker a good, too thin, then affect the solidification effect; Secondly, many people ask how to cover the glass, because the force of the different, the amount of silicone pressed in the glass below is also different, here we require a little pressure; there is a question about the waterproof ventilation valve, some high-end style will be used, the principle of waterproof ventilation valve is to prevent water and air can enter, which in the On rainy days, led line light in the rapid cooling of the rain, waterproof ventilation valve can speed up to prompt the same temperature inside and outside the lamp, so that the pressure change will not be too violent, to avoid destroying the internal components of the lamp body, usually also conducive to heat dissipation, to speed up air convection. On these points, the well-done led line light can easily reach the effect of IP65 or above.

Quality led line light color is bound to be the same, there will not be yellow or other light color appear. If you don't know how to distinguish, you can teach a small method, only to light up these some electric lights and observe their light color change can get the desired answer. Due to the high brightness of led line light, two brands of the same type of light, under the same conditions, using the method of direct eye observation for comparison, it is difficult to judge the brightness of the high and low, at the same time, it is also easy to hurt eyesight. Usually we suggest to cover the light source with a piece of white paper, and compare them after the attenuation of light by the white paper, so that it is easy to see the difference of the brightness of the lights, the higher brightness is better.

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