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What are the details that need to be paid attention to in city square lighting design?

What is called a plaza lighting project? Square lighting project is the use of lighting effects to meet the tourists, pedestrians lighting regulations and has the effect of beautifying the urban landscape, in the square or its surrounding general layout with important characteristics of the building, usually can focus on the main performance of the city's plastic art appearance and characteristics. Square is the core area of the city road, is the city we carry out politics and metallurgy, economic development, culture and art and other social practice activities or transportation theme activities of the indoor space, is generally people's distribution center site, the total number of squares in the city is very little, occupy the total area is not big, but its influence and efficacy is very important, is the city overall planning reasonable layout of the focus, the next light lighting with everyone to read! Details to note in the design of the square lighting project.

1, consider the lighting requirements of non-motorized vehicles, tourists, cars, and color balance, not easy to cause drivers to dazzle. Good plaza lighting project can make not too familiar with the surrounding environment of the people into the plaza will have a sense of direction, plaza lighting and signage near the identification can also help visitors understand the surrounding environment, clear orientation. Square lighting at the same time to help everyone can identify the clear surrounding natural environment, giving people a sense of belonging.

2, styling design beautiful and generous, can have the effect of beautifying the city. As the influence of the square in the city is crucial, so the square lighting project is also the focus of the city lighting project, in the evening to make the square is still a landmark of the city, beautify the city night.

3, the design should be combined with the surrounding environment, in line with the overall practical effect of the project, and can not jeopardize the application of the square itself, in the night is also a good place for recreation, entertainment, games, friends, and stroll, in addition to the square lighting project can also reflect the charm and characteristics of the city.

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