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What is the daily maintenance of outdoor LED wall wash lights?

Along with the development trend of lighting project, the traditional light source of lamps and lanterns has long been unable to satisfy people's demand for lighting, now LED wall washer lamps more and more loved by the city lighting, in addition to the design of the lamps and lanterns, to achieve the requirements of the lighting effect, after the actual installation of light show also received everyone's favorite. However, in the process of using the site, LED wall washer lights also need to do the usual daily maintenance. Because this affects its service life. What do we need to do routine maintenance? 

Maintenance of outdoor led wall washer lights

1, step one is the high-power led wall washer lights must be switched off. This is a step that must be done to carry out the maintenance of lighting fixtures. This can ensure that the whole process of maintenance is certainly safe, not conductive. And is not easy to cause harm to the power circuit of the lamp. So power off is a must do. And then in the case of cleaning must be carried out with a dry, impatient towel scrubbing. Water-soaked towels will cause some damage to the lamps and lanterns, such as water leakage to the inside of the lighting fixtures, if the lamps and lanterns themselves are high-voltage power supply, after powering the inside of the water droplets may be conductive.

2, step two pay special attention to the cleanup can not use compounds to carry out scrubbing, such as detergent these, with physical properties usually high-power led wall washer lamp surface layer has the danger of erosion, and leakage to the lamps inside, afraid of reacting with the inside glue. Lead to chemical reaction.

Step three regularly check the installation bracket under the lamps and lanterns screws have no loose traces and wall washer lamps to connect the power supply where waterproof tape has not fallen off, if a long time has fallen off can be from new in a few rounds of wrapping.

LED wall washer lamp manufacturer explanation, maintenance work involves all aspects of some key points to carry out a moderate solution can make maintenance work has a stronger effect. And the service life of the lamp will be longer.

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